A learning platform designed with jurisdictions in mind.

Peeristics is the market's first Attribution Engine, providing information on what actions lead to improved student performance. 


Giving Jurisdictions greater control

Peeristics' Jurisdictional Core creates and distributes curriculum in consumable chunks to allow educators across networks to create better learning material. Additionally, the use of these chunks creates data points that provide a wealth of analysis for Ministries, jurisdictions and school boards, who can better understand how to improve materials without relying on subjective anecdotal feedback.

Bringing systems and content together

Peeristics Integration Hub allows educators to keep their content anywhere and unlocks data overlooked by traditional Learning Management Systems (LMS) to directly attribute materials and methodologies to student success.

Search sources from anywhere, including often-used applications like Google Drive, Pinterest, OneNote, OneDrive and DropBox, educational applications, connected repositories, and learning management systems.

Solving Learning Management LMS rigidity

Peeristics Learning Management Experience helps to evolve your LMS into an integrated, iterative and innovative force that provides greater management and control.

Unlike a traditional LMS which delivers restricted content through a predetermined path and ignores all other avenues to effective learning, Peeristics turns to outside sources for dynamic content and engaged learning processes while bringing them into an LMS framework.

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Aggregate. Integrate. Attribute. Educate.

The Peeristics Learning Management Experience Platform helps education stakeholders better inform the curriculum process, through the discovery, aggregation, integration, and attribution of unstructured and structured data points obtained from new sources such as knowledge repositories, SISs, LMSs, learning experience metadata and an organization’s internal files and assets.

  • Reference materials from internal and external sources 
  • Break down content into its atomic units to rebuild into custom collection of learning resources
  • Use analytic tools to attribute learning resources to student performance and improved outcomes
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Peeristics Core works for jurisdictions, ministries, school boards and administrators by providing a methodology that gives rich feedback to improve content. 

Peeristics reporting capabilities provide accurate, real-time analytics and metrics on what content is used and how. This visibility enables in-the-moment analysis of everything from whether or not curriculum standards are being met to what material is being used.

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Peeristics fosters communication among teachers to enable the sharing of resources, sites, and ideas. It does this by providing three separate working spaces for teachers.

With Peeristics teachers have a single interface for all their search, storage, planning and organizational needs. Teachers can store resources in one place and Peeristics will easily connect this content to other applications.  Peeristics can provide results based on what is most useful to teachers, so they can quickly identify resources, learning content, collaborative work and communications available in each network that a teacher has joined.

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